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Namárië is (Dutch) designed to offer people an alternative for the traditional last words on a ‘piece of paper’.

The way we prepare for death is rapidly changing in this digitized age. End of life wishes are more open for discussion and we increasingly like to take control over that final part of our life while we still can.

After the tragic accident of a close friend in 2010, the founder of Namárië was confronted with a sudden void. This emptiness was caused not only by death itself, but more so to the fact that no words were left. Even now, after years gone by, we are still hoping to find just that piece of paper. Her voice. A last video of her. We know she wanted to say many more things. Should she only have had the chance….

Based on this experience, a group of friends joined hands and in 2011 we built the first platform. The basic idea was not only to store a last message (and files), but also to automate the process of sending it to the right people at the right time. Meaning: shortly after the user is dead beyond reasonable doubt. It was an instant success amongst friends and family members. Then as more and more people asked us to provide this service, we decided in 2014 to build and release the first commercial version.

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A final message, your last spoken word.
Your precious memories in the form of pictures or even a video.
Your memories are their memories.
With Namárië they are securely protected. Till the end...

The acceptance around the subject death, but also the awareness of the digital footprint we leave behind, is growing fast. Digital end of life planning simply makes it easier to take care of this inevitable fact of life.

We now see a strong increase in clients who take control while they still can. These clients understand that a last word or perhaps a video recording for a friend or a (small) child is extremely valuable. They decide what happens to their social media accounts after they past away. They decide how to be remembered.

We call it "creating memories". Leave behind what is truly precious. Start now, while you still can, tomorrow may be too late.

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